Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Watch Apostle Lobias Murray's Best Sermons,“How did the Faithful City Become a Harlot?"

Apostle Lobias Murray touched us again with his anointed sermons sent from God, "How did the Faithful City become a Harlot?"  Apostle Murray preached about all the carnality and sin has been allowed in the house of God.   Everything is going on and anything goes, simply because pastors allowing it.  Being different from the world is no longer taught from many pulpits across America.  

What we see sinners doing in the world, should have never been allowed to enter the church.  The house of God should be sacred and the atmosphere should not be similar to worldly affairs, such as: dancing, singing contemporary songs dressing like harlots and thugs and even acting like them.   What's going on in the church is an abomination.  Just like in the Bible days, Apostle Murray pointed out, people are saying, 'we are free to do these things.'   However, God's wrath will continue to come against the body of Christ as long as they rebel and this goes for every (arch)bishop, pastor, evangelist, gospel artist, choir director, choir member and all of those who are supposed to be followers of Christ.

Many Christians are making mockery, and we often hear gospel artists saying they used to not let us do what has been allowed, but the truth is, we shouldn't be living like the world in this era.

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