Monday, March 2, 2015

Watch One of Dr. E. Dewey Smith's Best Sermons, "When Satan Blesses"

Although, we may not agree with Dr. E. Dewey Smith allowing secular danging in his church, we have to say, he's a great preacher.  The man of God gives examples in his sermon, "When Satan Blesses" how the enemy gives us such a hard time through some people in our lives, but yet we receive blessings through those trials.   God allows us to go through pain, so we can come out a winner and have a testimony.  Many of you don't realize at the time, but Satan really is blessing us while he is trying to oppress us through those are doing his agenda to try and destroy us.  Dr. Smith points out that in the midst of our trials, comes favor.  Watch and be blessed.

Watch Video

Source and Photo: VarickMemorialAMEZ

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