Sunday, March 15, 2015

Watch One of Pastor Timothy Flemming's Best Sermons, 'I Want Your Boy'

Pastor Timothy Wright preaches about how we have to give up things in life for Jesus Christ.  A lot of times, God tests us to see how much we love Him.   Many times, you may think God does not hear your prayer, but God is waiting on you to give up certain things that could be blocking your blessings.   God will provide and nothing is too hard for God.   Give it up anything or anyone in your life that is causing a distraction and your blessing certainly will come.  You may not understand how things will turn out, but God will straightening out everything, if you just give your all to Him.  Totally focus on God and allow Him to handle any difficulties in your life.  Enjoy and God bless.

Watch Video

Source: Praise move
Mt. Carmel Baptist Church

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