Friday, March 13, 2015

Watch Pastor Chris Hill of The Potter's House of Denver Preach One of His Best Sermons at the Headquarter in Dallas, 'Running Over'

We really never sat down and listened to Pastor Chris Hill preach, but God really has anointed him to spread the gospel.  Pastor Hill preached about how God will take people out of our lives, in order to prepare us to do His will.  It may hurt at the time, but when God wants to do something new in your life, he will kill the old situations in your life, in order to mold and make you into what He wants you to be; this is what Pastor Hill explains in his sermons, in his own words.   He goes onto reveal how you will learn how to accept the fact that God separates us from some people, so we can finally arrive for His blessing in the future.  We can never be molded into who God created us to be, if we remain connected to people who are not appointed to a part of what He has planned for our destiny.   Pastor Hill expressed in his personal life what happened when God blessed Him, all types of people who walked off when he had nothing.  They looked him up once God blessed, even some family members he never knew.    Saints, don't fret and cry no more tears, God is doing something in your life when God disconnects you from your past.  He is about to bless you, more than you realize. Watch Pastor Hill's following sermon, 'Running Over' and be blessed.

Source: Abide intheword

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