Monday, March 23, 2015

Watch Video: Creflo Dollar Ministries Responds to $65 Million Jet Controversy

We've reviewed this following video by the Christian Post and here's our take on it, 'it's pure greed.'  According to the spokesperson for Creflo Dollar Ministries, the reason for Pastor Dollar needing another plane is because the one that he has now need work, allegedly.   The spokesperson allegedly stated that it would make more sense to buy a new one.  It's not about a cheaper one, but it's about FFA regulations. So, does FFA require people to buy planes that costs $65 million dollars?  Here's our question, why not buy a cheaper one that can achieve FFA approval?  Why does it have to be $65 million dollars?  Another question, why does he need 200,000 people to pay for it?   If he is a man of faith why not come up with the solution other than to take donations from people?  Instead, all the money he's asking for can buy not only a few cheaper planes, but also build lots homeless shelters and food banks to feed the poor, across America. Creflo Dollar can come up with a business plan to create jobs for low income people across the nation.

We've heard the spokesperson cut off the interviewer real quick and allegedly the purpose of Pastor Creflo Dollar needing this plane is taking his ministry team of 10 or 15 people with him, it's not about him flying by himself.  Okay, again, why not buy a cheaper one approved about the FFA that would be capable of flying his entire team around the world?

If Creflo Dollar is a man of faith, why not come up with the solution other than to take donations from people?  Too many people need food, shelter and employment. With all the money he's asking for, he could help end poverty in America.

The spokesperson allegedly claims the campaign has been removed and claims the donation button will be eventually removed, also.

In the meantime, we will keep Pastor Creflo Dollar and his ministry in our prayers.  God bless.

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Photo: Mail Online

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