Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Woman Excluded From Greater Grace Temple Armour Bearer Ministry!!!

We want you to pay close attention to this following video clip by a church member of Greater Grace Temple.  However, this type of mess has been going on for over 25 years now and it hasn't stopped yet.  There are a lot of women of all ages who get booted out of the church, because of a first lady's insecurity.  In this case, we are not sure if that's the case, but you will have to watch Moore's video for yourself.

Years ago, we were told of a story that was about a pastor in Oakland California who spoke nasty over the phone to an evangelist daughter.   When the daughter confessed to the mother what the pastor had done, she took sides with the pastor and said she believed he loved his wife.   Well, the mother still confronted him and the pastor continued to act as though the daughter was demon possessed every Sunday in front of the church.  The daughter was emotionally abused and the mother did nothing to stop it.   This happened for several Sundays and the daughter was shunned and ostracized from the church, along with being rejected and mean-mugged by the first lady and her clique.

Now, you would think Greater Grace Temple is too big for this type of foolishness, but-evidently, the first lady has some sort of an issue with this young woman being one of her armor barriers.   Just a reminder though, it happens to all ages of women, not just the younger ones.  Then, they wonder why people get sick of you asking them, do you go to church.  This is what destroys the unity within the black race, mistreating people within the black church.  God bless.

Watch Video

Source and Photo:The Old Black Church
Video:  Dyamond Moore

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