Tuesday, April 14, 2015

12-Year-Old Girl Claims She Sat on Jesus' Lap in Heaven Following 30 Foot Fall, Describes His Appearance

Just because one boy admitted he wanted attention when he lied about going to heaven doesn't mean every other story is untrue. This little girl named Annabel fell 30 ft from a tree and says, she sat on the lap of Jesus Christ. She describes Him, just the way she remembers when she was in heaven.

According to christianpost.com, Days after the incident, Annabel told her parents about the encounter in heaven.
"I went to heaven when I was in that tree. I sat in Jesus' lap," the girl said.
She added that she saw her "guardian angel," and attempted to describe Jesus' appearance: "He had a beautiful long white robe, dark skin and a big beard — kinda like Santa Claus, but not really."
 We look forward to hearing more about Annabel's testimony.  God bless.

Source and Photo: www.christianpost.com

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