Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Swingers Sex Club Calls Itself a Church So It Can Move Next to a Christian School

We don't know what this day is coming to, but we certainly realize we are living in the last days.  In Nashville, there is a swingers association, which has turned into a church.  They are located right next to a Christian school. We wonder what they worship services are like on Sundays?  Certainly, God is not there.

According to the Washington Post, the swingers recently decided they were ready to move to the suburbs. The suburbs do not appear ready for the swingers. When the club purchased a building next to a Christian school, residents protested and threw zoning problems in its way.
So the swingers have come up with a new plan to short-circuit the zoning static around their relocation: Their new club, they say, is a church — a church for swingers to meet, to mingle and to engage in the regular practice of their faith.

We will keep you posted on any updates on United Fellowship Center, formerly known as The Social Club when we receive it.

Source and Photo: Washington Post
(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey) 

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