Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ben Carson Urges Blacks to 'Reestablish Faith, Values' and Not Let Hip-Hop Cause Destruction That Eliminates Jesus Christ

Praise the Lord, for such a righteous man, Ben Carson.  He is speaking out against Hip Hop that has caused a lot of destruction among black people and caused them to turn away from Christ.  However, it will take black people as a whole to fully surrender to God before they can even think about turning away from Hip-Hop and submit to morals and values.  

According to ChristianPost.com, potential GOP 2016 presidential hopeful and conservative darling Ben Carson urged black Americans on the weekend to return to tested faith values that served their community well during America's dark era of slavery and Jim Crow and not allow hip-hop that "dismisses Jesus Christ" to "destroy things for us."

We pray for God to touch the minds of black people so they will fully surrender to Jesus Christ and no longer desire Hip Hop or any other ungodly music.  One of the main reasons why there is so much destruction among black people and within our community, is simply because too many of them worship Hip Hop music and not God.

Source and Photo: ChristianPost.com
(Photo: Reuters/Earnie Grafton)

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