Friday, April 24, 2015

Bishop Ron Gibson of 'Preachers Of LA' Says Animals Got No Place In Heaven!

On 'Preachers of LA, Bishop Ron Gibson allegedly stated, animals have no place in heaven.  Really?  Animals are mentioned in the book of Revolution.  Furthermore, if that's the case, where do they go when they die?  They can't go with the Devil, Lucifer didn't create animals.

According to The Old Black Church, Bishop was asked when animals die do they go to heaven too? The Bishop says no and explains why.

We knew there was a reason why we never listened to Bishop Gibson's sermons. If he doesn't believe animals go to heaven, then he has nothing to preach about.  Heaven belongs to God, not Bishop Gibson and people who have died allegedly said animals are up there.

Watch Video

Source and Photo:  TMZ

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