Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Damita Haddon’s New Husband Says “You Can't Marry Your Mistress And Then Say ‘God Did It!'”

God definitely gave Damita Chandler a good man, Rueben Chandler. It seems like he is courageously standing up for his queen, after it's out Deitrick Haddon's wife has just bore their third child.  We agree, what's the used of showing off in the public, if God had nothing to do with it?     

According to The Old Black Church, the husband of Damita Haddon Chandler took to Facebook to slam men who marry their mistresses— something his new wife’s ex is believed to have done. “You can't marry your mistress and then say ‘God did it!' wrote Chandler in a to-the-point post-Monday, March 30.

A courageous man is one who will stand against what is wrong, regardless of who says it's right. One more thing to add, God sure matched Damita up with Mr. Chandler.


Source and Photo: The Old Black Church

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