Thursday, April 2, 2015

Detroit’s Pastors and Police Chief Encourage More Blacks to Carry Guns, But Pastor David Bullock Gives His Advice

Martin Kaste/NPR

It surprises us to know that Pastor David Bullock has sense enough to know there is a price to pay, if you choose to use a gun.  After watching him on 'Preachers of Detroit', he seemed as though he would condone a person using a gun, because of the whole condom scandal.  However, he's more wise than we thought, we suppose, on some issues.

According to, Bullock doesn't think it's a sin to carry a gun, especially in a town where whole churches have been held up for their offerings. But he's decided he can't recommend it to his congregants, either. For this simple reason: "If you use it, you're going to get prosecuted," he says  He's convinced the justice system still tends to see armed black people as aggressors, especially in situations where the facts are murky. If they're going to defend themselves with a gun, he says they better have money for a good lawyer.

We will keep you posted on this issue in the future, if necessary.


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