Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Documentary 'Children of Faith Assembly' Takes on Controversial Faith-Healing Church Connected to 91 Deaths

We really don't know what to say about this following report, because we do believe God can heal anyone. However, we would never advise anyone to decline medical treatment as a popular church used to do, back in the day. Faith Assembly (NC) allegedly advised people not to receive medical treatment and almost 100 people died because of their misguided instruction.

Not all, but God did give some doctors so we could know how to remain in good health.  Furthermore, there are some good doctors who are born again Christians.  Any preacher who tells you to decline medical treatment, instantly know he or she is not of God.

According to, a North Carolina documentarian is in the process of creating a film about a controversial faith-healing church connected to 91 deaths.  Faith Assembly, a multi-church sect based in Indiana during the 1980s and founded by Hobart Freeman, was known for demanding that its members refuse all medical treatment.

We'll be on the look out to watch this documentary. 
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