Friday, April 10, 2015

Pastor James David Manning Says, 'Hang Michael Thomas Slager, Wife His Mother, His Father, and His Children

We always get a big kick out of listening to Pastor James David Manning.  Now, you may not usually enjoy listening to him, but this time you will.  He says, because Michael Thomas Slager shot Walter Scott, he along with his entire family needs to be hung.  Allegedly, he says if Slager would go to Harlem where he is, he would like to get a 'piece of his behind himself and teach him a lesson or two.'  He says he's not just the type of person who will go after the person, but also their family.   Also,  because Slager's family and friends know him, they ought to be hung too and his theory is based on God's Word, in order to do away with evil.  Amen???   

Furthermore, he shocks us when he said there was a black cop who put hand cuffs on Walter Scott; what?! We thought it was Slager who put the cuffs on him and acted alone.  See what kind of information learn by watching Pastor James David Manning? He's a very knowledgeable man.

Note: In no way do we condone violence or revenge.
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Source and Photo: ATLAHWorldwide

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