Saturday, April 11, 2015

Pastor of WORD Ministries Calls Police Officer a “Racist” at Walter Scott's Funeral, Allegedly

In this era, as we pray for more unity among African Americans, we also pray that there are many black pastors that began to speak the truth about racism.  In the era of mega churches for over 20 years, too many black preachers refrain from speaking the truth about racial discrimination just to keep the tithes and offering pouring in from their multicultural congregants.   However, Pastor George Hamilton may have a nice size congregation, but he's not afraid to speak the truth.  

According to, as the funeral for Walter Scott ended, Rev. George Hamilton, a minister at W.O.R.D. Ministries, told the overflow crowd that Scott’s shooting “was an act motivated by overt racism.”

We feel it's time for the black race to stop looking to white people as their Savior, but look to Jesus Christ.  For too long since we won our equality, many black people plead for unity with whites, but avoid love and unity with their own race.  It's been twisted, before you can have unity with any other race, you must first learn to love and respect God and then your own people.  Therefore, this must be taught in the black church and black preachers should go back to preaching about what's happening with our black men and call our race unto repentance.  Thank God Pastor George Hamilton is not afraid to speak the truth.  

May Walter Scott rest in peace.

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