Friday, April 10, 2015

Pastor Tony Smith Talks about Cop Killing Walter Scott: Police Corruption in America

Pastor Tony Smith does it again, he's speaking the truth about America.  He touches on the subject of police corruption in America and various cases that involved black men getting murdered by cops. 

Pastor Tony Smith talks about how ridiculous it is for the white officer, Michael Slager's wife to be called a victim and we owe her no support.  Derwin Brown who was the sheriff for Dekalb County was shot to death by a fellow police officer, but there was no thought of his black wife being financially supported, which is the truth.  For example, he points out not only the case of Walter Scott, but also Kenny Walker in Columbus Georgia who was also gunned down police officers.  He talks about white America not respecting black people, but we would gain respect if the unarmed white youth are gunned down by police, then it will solve the problem, allegedly.  

You have got to hear the rest for yourself.  Thanks for stopping by SCR and God bless you beloved readers.

Watch Video

Source and Photo: TWOY Synagogue

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