Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pat Robertson Tells Single Man to Go to Christian Mingle and Don’t Blame God for Being Single

If every Christian depended on Pat Robertson for answer they would be in trouble.  Because of so many fatal tragic stories, regarding dating sites, including the Christian ones, we do not agree with them being a solution for singles.  We believe in the old fashion way, meeting someone face to face the way it used to be before dating sites were an option, years ago. Of course, people used to search through personals in newspapers to find their mates before the computer age, but-God never agreed with it.   Therefore, we must return to traditional values by allow God to bring men and women together, and He doesn't need any help.

According to,  Pat Robertson told the man: 
“Come off it, go get your own woman. Why do you think God’s got to get you one? I tell you what, there are a heap of ladies around who are just yearning to find a good man to be a husband, they’re all over.”

“And what you need to do is to go where they are,” he continued. “Just don’t sit around waiting and say, ‘oh, God, send me a spouse, I’ve got’ — quote — ‘nasty thoughts and I’ll burn in hell if I don’t get one’. I mean, please.”
We wonder about Pat Robertson sometimes, because of the odd things he says. However, we will continue to keep him in our prayers.

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Source and Photo: Club

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