Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Vandals Attack North Carolina Churches, Spray Paint 'Hell' and 'God Loves Fags, He Hates You;' Shatter Children's Nursery Windows

Allegedly, some angry unidentified individuals vandalized two churches in North Carolina.  They must not like the sermons preached against homosexuality at these two churches, because the message that 'God loves fags' was spray painted on their buildings.

According to christianpost.com, two congregations in North Carolina were struck by vandals who've cost the churches tens of thousands of dollars in damage from shattered windows in the children's nursery and spray-painted messages of "one way ticket to hell" and "God loves fags He hates you," on entrance doors to the sanctuary.

We certainly pray for whomever vandalized these two churches in North Carolina.
We will keep you posted on any further updates, if necessary.
Source and Photo:  christianpost.com

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