Note: Testimonies of people who have had visitations with Jesus Christ are after the sermons on this page, for example Bishop Earthquake Kelley, Minister Mary K. Baxter, Bill Wiese and others.

We have videos that will teach you how to live holy and righteous.   We dedicate this page to all of the past apostles, bishops, pastors and evangelists who taught nothing but righteousness, holiness or hell.   They were not afraid as many ministers are today to preach what they Bible says.  These following preachers on video were leaders and were not followers. This is why they were so great, because they strictly preached the Word of God without fear.  Their main purpose was to seek souls for God's Kingdom not build up corporations within the body of Christ for fame and fortune.   Please take heed for your soul.  

 Apostle Johnnie Washington

God Cast The Angels Down That Sinned Part 1

God Cast Angels That Sinned 2

God Cast Down Angels That Sinned 3

God Cast Down Angels That Sinned 4

God Cast Down Angels That Sinned Part 5

God Cast Down Angels That Sinned 6

Warn Them for Me Part 1 (Ezekiel 3:17)

Warn Them for Me, Part 2 (Ezekiel 3:17)

Warn them for me, Part 3 (Ezekiel 3:17) 

Warn them for me, Part 4 (Ezekiel 3:17) 

Abomination to the Lord, Part 1

Abomination to the Lord, Part 2

Abomination to the Lord, Part 3

Abomination to the Lord, Part 4

 Abomination to the Lord, Part 5

Praise Break!! Glad to Be Saved

Apostle Herman Murray 

You Don't Have A Right, To Do The Wrong Thing 

Holiness: Divine Devotion

Apostle Lobias Murray 

(Audio)  "Move Your Stuff" 


Take Heed Pt. 1 


Take Heed Pt. 2

Dr H. L. Bostic The Tissue 

Born in Birmingham, Alabama Pastor H. L. Bostic was a born jewel brought by God to the Bay Area of Northern California. The founder and pastor of MT. Olive AOH (Apostolic Orginal Holy Church of God) Church, she was on fire for God and a mighty warrior in Christ.   She was the most dynamic female preacher in the San Jose Bay Area.   You could wake up late nights and hear this woman on the radio and feel the power of God moving through you.  If you wanted a true experience of the Holy Spirit you could always count on her to give you the pure anointing and this is why she is yet loved and cherished by SCR.


Evangelist Billy Graham  

Rev. James Moore Praise Break

Pastor Patrick L. Wooden 
Pastor Patrick Wooden is the pastor of the Upper Room Church of God in Christ in Raleigh, North Carolina.  He and his wife Pamela Wooden have spoken out to protect God's plan for marriage to remain between one man and one woman.  This powerful man of God preaches under the anointing and does not soften his words to tickle the ears of his listeners.   He preaches nothing but holiness and sanctification and does not apologize for preaching the the truth. Truly Pastor Patrick L. Wooden is a chosen man of God.

Jesus Is Still Angry, Part I

Jesus Is Still Angry, Part II

Evangelist Daniels of Full Gospel Holy Temple, Compton

You Don't Have To Fight In This One Just Bring Your Praise

Evangelist S. E. Mitchell
  Holy Convocation Part 1       

John Osteen is the father of Joel Osteen.   His father, John was a different type of preacher, he was not a minister of today, getting money instead of winning souls.  John Osteen was a righteous man and was not afraid to preach with the anointing of Jesus Christ.

 When You Are Discouraged

John Osteen -Prayer That moves the Holy Ghost to action (Full Service) 

Provisions of Power

Bishop William L. Bonner
Bishop Bonner received his religious education and the Doctor of Divinity through the Church of Christ Bible Institute in New York City. Pastor Bonner is listed in "Who’s Who in Religion" (1985). Bishop Bonner's ministry is based on prayer and faith in God. His message is one of hope and deliverance. He believes that those who pray can expect a miracle.

Pastor  Brian Buriff

He serves with the Winton Road First Church of God, Fairfield, Ohio

If This Is Hell, I Don't Want To Go There - Part 1

 If This Is Hell, I Don't Want To Go There - Part 2 

If This Is Hell, I Don't Want To Go There - Part 3

  Pastor Timothy Flemming

Pastor Timothy Flemming is the pastor of Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA.   He is a husband to First Lady Virginia Flemming and they both have three sons: the late Rev, Aric Flemming, Rev. Kenneth Lee Flemming and Rev. Timothy Flemming, Jr. who is the co-pastor of Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church.   No one in this age, bluntly tells the truth like Pastor Timothy Flemming who is a true man of God. Smelling Yourself          
'I Want Your Boy'
These amazing stories really will help you make up your mind if you really desire to live for Jesus Christ or live for the Devil.   The Bible says this, 'No Man Can Serve Two Masters, Either He will love one or hate the other (Matthew 6:25).'  If you choose to serve Jesus Christ, please go to our Salvation page to receive Him.  Then, our videos page will show you how to walk with Jesus Christ and to completely stop sinning.  Although, you may make a mistake after excepting Jesus Christ, it does not mean you are not saved, it just means you need to stay strengthened in the Lord and you do that by staying in His Word, the Holy Bible, fasting and praying and watching videos of ministers like those you will watch here and on our videos page.   

Ian McCormack - former Atheist - Dead on Morgue Slab, Part I

Ian McCormack - former Atheist - Dead on Morgue Slab, Part II


Bishop Earthquake Kelley
Perry Stone w/ Walter Hallam  

23 MINUTES IN HELL (DVD full length video) by Bill Wiese Testimony of hell

Tyrone Went To Hell

B-Fernandez - 5 Days in Heaven & Hell.wmv 

Philip Goes To Hell: From Furious Love Deluxe Edition

 Kat Kerr with Patricia King

Kat Kerr, Revealing with L Michelle Hayes

If you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal savior please visit our Salvation page and do what is necessary to give your heart to Him.  
Apostle Washington's photo courtesy: Evangelist Mitchell photo courtesy:

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