Ex-Gay Men and Ex-Lesbians Testify About How God Set Them Free From Homosexuality
 Note: If you are a homosexual and you feel a desire to change and no longer be that way, you must contact Ex-Gay, God's Way Ministries

Ex-gay testimony: Janet Boynes Lesbian Lifestyle Left Behind

Ex-gay testimony: Christopher Yuan 

Ex-gay testimony: Former lesbian magazine publisher Charlene Cothran 

 Charlene Cothran-Pure Passion

Ex-gay testimony: Dianne Partian Freed From Lesbianism

Ex-gay testimony: Tony Spears


Choosing to Be Straight - Living The Life

Ex-gay testimony: Vicki Duffy

Pastor Jim Domen's Ex Gay Testimony & Story

Once Gay, Now Christian Couple Discuss Homosexuality

Ex- Lesbian delivered by Jesus, Tiffany Owens

Ex-Gay Testimony-Now a True Christian-Great Testimony from Former Lesbian 

Ex-gay testimony: Dawn Stefanowicz

Ex-gay testimony: Nathanael Flock 

Miriam Alexander - Out of Lesbianism 

Ex-Lesbian, Jamora

Bryn joins P4CM EX-Homosexual Ministry 

Former Gay Hairdresser to the Stars gets SAVED! 

My Testimony: Ex- Bisexual 

FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS...show 2 ... part 1 'Coming OUT' 

FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS...show 3 ...part 2 'Coming OUT'

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